Bible Study

Bible Study at Brentwood

Every Other Friday Evening at the church from 5:30-7:00 over a light supper


Bible Study

Here’s how we understand the Bible in The Presbyterian Church in Canada and at Brentwood.  It is a rich library of books, written and compiled by the inspiration of God over several hundred years.  It has been given to us as the rule of faith and life.  It reveals to us, through the work of the Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ, the living Word of God.  In studying the Scriptures, we are seeking to discern and apply the wisdom of the Gospel of Jesus Christ for our time.

Each week at Brentwood we focus on one passage, usually from one of the four the gospels.  That passage can be found each week in the Memorize and Ponder posting on our website.  It is the foundation for the reflection at Jazz Evensong each week, for Bible Study every second week, and for the pondering and sermon during our Sunday worship service.

This process may prove helpful in pondering the text of the week.  We trust God, in Jesus Christ and through the work of the Holy Spirit, will use it to nourish your soul to flourish in their grace.

Jot down key words and ideas you find in the text

What do you think those words and ideas meant for those who first heard/read this text?

What meaning do you find for your faith and life in these words and ideas?

What meaning for our mission and ministries here at Brentwood do you find in these words and ideas?

In these conversations at Brentwood, you will find a community:

  • that takes the witness of the Scriptures to the grace of Jesus Christ seriously
  • that recognizes and explores the richness and complexity of that witness
  • that welcomes any questions that dig deeply into the faith that God offers and the life that God enables
  • that seeks to find, with the Spirit’s guidance, the ways Jesus enables us to flourish in this world that seems too often confusing and callous
  • that encourages each other to grow in grace and bless the world with the love that can flow through our gifts

Know that you are most welcome anytime you can make these conversations.  Each session is unique and no preparation is required, though we do encourage you to ponder the passage in terms of the questions above, if you have the time.  We look forward to your contribution to the conversations and are confident that the Spirit will help you benefit from them.


Dates in the fall are as follows:

Sept 15 – Matt 18:21-35 – What is the Power of Forgiveness?
Sept 29 – Matt 21:23-32 – What is the Authority of Jesus?
Oct 13 – Matt 22:1-14 – How Do We Respond to God’s Invitation?
Oct 27 – Matt 22:34-46 – What is the Essence of Christianity?
Nov 10 – Matt 25:1-13 – Awake for What?
Nov 24 – Matt 25:31-46 – Did Matthew Get This Right?
Dec 8 – Mark 1:1-8 – What is the Way of the Lord?

Brentwood Presbyterian Church is a community that aspires to see the world through the mind of Christ.  We try, with the Holy Spirit’s help and guidance, to stand within Scripture and see our lives through the perspective of the text.  It is an enlightening and energizing exercise.  We hope will you join us to be further nourished in this way to flourish in the grace of Jesus Christ.

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