The Brentwood Manifesto


The Brentwood Manifesto of the Christian Faith

How We Understand Participating in Christ’s Mission

In the beginning, God created the world
and delighted in its diversity and development.
God created human beings
and nourished them to flourish in blessing all of creation.

But humanity rebelled, rejecting the limits of their power.
Their rebellion against God’s vision of justice, peace, and joy
brought tyranny, suffering, and death.

God never tired of calling humanity home
to work in common to cultivate the well-being of the world.
Through the law and the prophets,
God’s Spirit invited love of God, love of others, and love of self
as the empowering energy for engaging in this mission.

In a unique and decisive act of reconciliation and revelation,
God overcame our alienation and loneliness.
God took flesh and dwelt among us,
full of grace and truth.
In the life, death, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus Christ,
the creation is restored to its original purpose.
God continues to craft the completion of this redemption.

Through the church universal, visible and invisible,
the Holy Spirit empowers people
to participate consciously in their reconciliation
through worship, learning, fellowship, and service.

By God’s grace in Jesus Christ through the work of the Spirit,
we know what it is to be loved and to love
amidst all the problems of the world.
We are equipped and sent to sow seeds of God’s SHALOM
in all of our circles of influence.

In the end, God’s love, healing, and forgiveness
will transform heaven and earth
and bring justice, peace, and joy to full realization.


Notes on the Brentwood Manifesto

Nourishing Souls to Flourish in the Grace of Jesus Christ

A manifesto is a public declaration of views, motives, and intentions.  Over the past 2,000 years or so, such statements within the Christian community have been called creeds and confessions.  This manifesto of the Christian faith arose from the vision we have for the mission and ministries of Brentwood Presbyterian Church (www.brentwoodpc.ca).  It is a brief summary of how we see ourselves included, inspired, and guided to participate in God’s mission of making this world a better place for human flourishing.

Within our Presbyterian tradition, such declarations have arisen in response to times of crisis.  They have sought to give a clear account of the companionship and hope that God as Holy Trinity – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit – forges with us for the blessing of this world.

Here are the crucial crises we see ourselves facing in our context:

  • our very survival as a congregation;
  • interpretations of Christianity that distort and discredit the faith; and
  • increasing indifference to the Gospel and its life-giving energy.

Such crises hold both dangers and opportunities.  In the Brentwood Manifesto, we seek to seize the opportunities in these crises to acknowledge publicly our faith in the God who created, redeemed, and is reforming this world into a place of hospitality and hope for all peoples and creatures.

We trust and pray that this manifesto becomes a source of nourishment for all, both inside and outside of the church, who feel drawn to consider this way of seeing the meaning of our lives.  It outlines a way of participating more fully in cultivating God’s Commonwealth of justice, peace, and joy.  Like mustard seeds, the benefits of God’s Commonwealth often make slow and hidden progress.  With great patience and persistence, God energizes us to be intimate friends in the spread of the SHALOM that is justice, peace, and joy.

We trust and pray that this manifesto is another step in our continuing journey as a Christian congregation into fuller faithfulness as participants in the unfolding realization of God’s hospitality and hope.  God never tires of offering us, as agents of blessing, constant maturing in the unfolding drama of God’s creation, humanity’s rebellion, God’s redemption, and the creation’s reconciliation.

We trust and pray that this manifesto works as a warm invitation for you to find a home base for your spiritual growth here at Brentwood.

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