Worship – a lively encounter with Jesus Christ that blends the traditional, and the contemporary in ways designed to nourish your souls to thrive in your friendship with God and to send you into the world to contribute enthusiastically to God’s mission of justice and peace.

Sunday Sermon

 (Presented every Sunday beginning at 10:00am)

BJF at Pulpit 162x135Sermons given by our own Rev. Dr. Fraser, and often those of our guests, are made available on the website. Also, every week in advance of the Sunday Service, under the heading “Memorize and Ponder”, the scriptural basis of the upcoming sermon is posted. Designed to ground the individual member and the congregation as a whole on the same page and prepare ourselves to experience a broad connection with God’s Word and with each other. It also offers those who can’t be there physically to stay connected with the evolving community and share in the effects of keeping God’s Word top-of-mind.

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Throughout 2014, the Christian community at Brentwood Presbyterian is getting to know Jesus, the Christ, in a refreshing and transformative way. The passages are chosen to help us understand and practice more fully the love that God shares with us in Jesus Christ. We trust that the Holy Spirit will use these words to form us as witnesses to the commonwealth of peace and justice that Jesus Christ initiated. We invite you to join us in this discipline of becoming more faithful followers of Jesus Christ. Share your thoughts during the week on the meaning the Spirit creates for you in this text by posting a comment on the website.


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