The Sanctuary in Brentwood

The Sanctuary in Brentwood

A space of grace for the arts

For over four years now, Brentwood Presbyterian Church has been re-equipping its sanctuary to serve as a community arts venue for music, theatre, and art shows.  This spring, we are ready to offer this space of grace for the arts to the community.

The venue seats 100, has a very good grand piano, superb acoustics supported by a new sound system, and a warm, intimate feel.

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Rental Pricing

You can download the current rental pricing here.

We welcome inquiries about the use of this space for your next event.  Please contact our minister Brian Fraser at jazzthinkbrian@gmail.com

The Sanctuary in Brentwood at rest.


A very special Jazz Evensong on Nov 2, 2016, featured our own musicians, Dan Reynolds and Marcos Flo, with Adam Comier and Sarah Kennedy.

The Poulanc Trio plays the first concert in Brentwood Concert Series for 2016-2017

Terry Beech’s Constituency Office hosts a community forum on electoral reform at the Sanctuary in Brentwood

The Sancutary in Brentwood in action with the Cory Weeds Quartet featuring Harold Mabern.

Summer Soul Workshop in July 2015 with Marcus Mosley, Darlene Ketchum, and Bill Sample.


Bill Sample at the Sanctuary’s Pramberger PS-175, with Marcus Mosley and Darlene Ketchum, leading the workshop.

The Sanctuary can accommodate up to 50 people in this workshop/cabaret setup

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Here are some of the things musicians and community leaders are saying about the Sanctuary in Brentwood:

Adele M Wilding (jazz vocalist & composer)

“I have been fortunate enough to have performed AND recorded in the Sanctuary in Brentwood. As a vocalist, one can simply focus on performing. The excellent acoustic allows one’s voice to soar freely.”


Joanna Dundas (artistic manager of musica intima)

“The Sanctuary in Brentwood is a warm, bright and inviting space. We really appreciated the intimate setting, and enjoyed the ease with which the room is filled with sound!”


Denis Nokony (Assistant Director Cultural Services, City of Burnaby)

“It is a very attractive space, well suited to performances and presentations, and destined to become even better equipped to so do with your proposed plans for upgrades and renovations.  I foresee the community of Brentwood growing significantly in the years ahead, and demands for proximate, well-appointed and affordable spaces for creative celebration will no doubt increase. I am happy to offer an endorsement for your initiatives in improving the Sanctuary in Brentwood for local and community arts and culture use into the future.”


Cory Weeds (jazz impresario and Artistic Director of the Cellar Jazz Society)

“I have performed at and listened to performances in the Sanctuary in Brentwood.   I have found it to be very acoustically pleasing on both sides.  Having the church become a community arts venue would be an invaluable addition to the City Of Burnaby and I am 100% behind it.”


Roy Salmond (producer, engineer, composer, owner of Whitewater Productions)

“A wonderful, small, and intimate space for hearing live music – hard to find these days.  The high ceiling provides room for grace notes and graceful conversations.  It is small enough to be intimate, yet big enough for an event.  The Sanctuary in Brentwood offers the community a place to retreat and engage with musical excellence.”


Dan Reynolds (Brentwood’s Director of Music and winner of the Oscar Peterson Prize in McGill University’s jazz program)

“I really enjoy performing in the Sanctuary in Brentwood.  I’ve always found the sound in the room to be inviting and conducive to presenting music.  The piano is a beautiful instrument with a very clear, natural, and balanced sound.”


Jodi Proznick (Head of the Jazz Department at the VSO School of Music)

 “The space is acoustically beautiful. I could hear every note I played so clearly.”


Adam Thomas (jazz vocalist, bassist, and sound designer)

 “The people at Brentwood are lovely and they host in a warm sounding room with a very nice piano – all capped off with graciously and intently listening ears.”


Deborah Ledon (singer, song-writer, performance coach, and mentor)

“The space, although very simple in structure, has the most gorgeous acoustics my musicians and I have ever experienced. The music was clear and full without being overwhelming or causing any discomfort to those attending. As a bonus, the audience was supportive and extremely demonstrative of their enjoyment, which left my group walking on air with joy.  I would strongly recommend this gem as a permanent performance space capable of handling dance, music, and theatre.  In short, to not put this lovely space to better use as an arts venue would be a shame and a loss for both audience and artist.”


Richard Lee (Member of the Legislative Assembly for Burnaby North)

“Musicians, actors, poets, writers, puppeteers, and other artists have indicated that they would value a 100-seat venue available at a reasonable price with ample parking in the Brentwood neighbourhood of Burnaby.  Brentwood Presbyterian Church has just such a venue and is seeking to upgrade the space to be suitable for this kind of community activity and service.  In addition to arts events, the space would be available to community groups for meetings, workshops, lectures, etc.  I am in full support of this long-established community organization moving in this new direction.”


Beth Agosti (multi-disciplinary artist)

“I’m very excited about the possibilities that the Sanctuary in Brentwood as a community arts venue open up for artists like myself. I’m a puppeteer, performer, manager, and teacher based in North Burnaby. The intimacy, acoustics, flexibility, and location of the space make it an attractive place to offer shows and events. I’m currently thinking of a puppet show based on Hans Christian Anderson’s ‘Snowdrop’ and a series of workshops leading to a Handmade Parade. But that’s only the beginning.”


James Danderfer (jazz musician, composer, and teacher)

“The Sanctuary in Brentwood is a joy to make music in. The size of the room and the beautiful wooden ceiling make for a clear, resonant acoustic situation where every note can be heard without amplification. Every time I perform at Brentwood I can feel the nature of the environment sets everyone’s mind at ease. Simply inspiring.”


Chris Gestrin (composer, producer, and jazz musician)

“I have performed at Brentwood Presbyterian Church several times over the past couple of years as part of their Wednesday night Jazz Evensong series. It is a wonderful acoustic space with a good ‘vibe’ and I look forward to the idea of it being used more frequently as a multi-disciplinary artistic venue.  Most of my work these days is spent in the studio producing music for album releases and film. I look forward to using the Sanctuary in Brentwood as a remote recording location to take advantage of the acoustical properties that only a nice large room like that can achieve.”


Sandra-Mae Luykx (jazz vocalist, composer, and saxophonist)

“It was an absolute pleasure to perform at Brentwood Presbyterian Church; the room sounded wonderful and I was able to hear myself very clearly. The energy of the room set me completely at ease and I was able to perform surrounded by good vibes. Recording in the room would sound phenomenal. I look forward to hearing the great music that will come out of such a great sounding room.”


Sky Lambourne (jazz trumpeter and vocalist in the Rossi Gang)

“The acoustics and atmosphere at the Brentwood Presbyterian church were ideal for recording our new album, Live At Church. As a horn player, the vaulted ceiling and open space felt much better to play in than your standard studio and gave our album a natural reverb that is hard to find.”


Eli Bennett (jazz saxophonist and film composer)

“The Sanctuary in Brentwood (the concert space at Brentwood Presbyterian Church) is a hidden cultural gem of North Burnaby. The great acoustics make it a perfect venue for the Jazz Evensong series, a concert series that features world-class Canadian jazz musicians in various formats such as duos, trios, and quartets. Boasting a warm and community-friendly atmosphere, the Sanctuary is a great place to catch a concert where the audience can connect with the performing musicians on a musical and personal level.”


Joseph Abbott (jazz clarinetist)

“The church has been blessed with a set of outstanding acoustic characteristics that, for whatever reason, are unmatched by any similar halls or small venues that I’ve played in as well as any studios that I’ve worked in. It is particularly good for acoustic music with the resonance to support an unamplified voice.”


Christopher Fraser (jazz guitarist and teacher)

“Performing in the Sanctuary in Brentwood is always a pleasure.  As a relatively open space, notes are carried and empowered, yet it is still warm and intimate enough that one does not experience any of the echoing or decay of tone typical of large rooms.”


Jennifer Scott (musician and vocalist)

“A warm lovely space with terrific acoustics, a great piano to play, and the good vibes that surround you are three great reasons why I enjoy playing music at the Sanctuary in Brentwood! I see this space as a wonderful concert venue where Vancouver area audiences will truly enjoy listening to music.”


Glen Soderholm (singer and songwriter)

“I had the privilege of performing a solo concert at the Sanctuary in Brentwood very recently. The inviting atmosphere, superb acoustics, and intimate space made it a splendid evening indeed. I was also impressed with the enthusiasm and vision expressed by the stakeholders for all the possibilities that this space holds. I recommend it highly.”


Brock Tully (speaker from the heart, author, and Kindness Concert promoter)

“I just organized a Kindness Concert at the Sanctuary in Brentwood and I could not have been happier. The 100 seat venue with soft comfortable seats was perfect for an intimate gathering. With the raised stage, excellent lighting, and awesome sound, every seat had a great view & wonderful listening experience. An great extra bonus was the grand piano! The venue had all the extras like a big green room, easy access backstage to bathrooms for the performers, convenient bathrooms for the attendees at the entrance, and a big parking lot.

And even though the venue was perfect, much more importantly, we felt welcomed, appreciated, and loved!”


Nathen Aswell (keynote speaker & recording artist)

“I recently had the good fortune of being one of the performers in a concert which took place at the Sanctuary in Brentwood in Burnaby, BC. What a sweet space! The BIG stage and warm sounding room make it a joy for performers, and the comfortable seating (for 100 people) and GREAT sight lines make it a treat for the audience. If you’re looking for a venue for your next special event, I encourage you to give the Sanctuary in Brentwood serious consideration!”


Marcus Mosley (singer and choral director)

“The Sanctuary in Brentwood is one of Vancouver’s best kept secrets … that needs to be ‘leaked.’  Brian Fraser, a lover of jazz and all things musical, and the people he works with at Brentwood Presbyterian Church, have created a wonderful new space that is well equipped for concerts or meetings.  The space is intimate, accessible, and very inviting.”


David Sinclair (musician)

“The Sanctuary in Brentwood is a great place for a small intimate concert. It has a nice natural ambience, good size elevated stage area, comfy seating with good sight lines. This is a welcome addition to the local arts community.”


Darlene Ketchum (singer, choral director, and music educator)

“I have done concerts at the Sanctuary in Brentwood and co-led a soloing workshop there.  I found it to be a warm and inviting intimate concert space with wonderful acoustics.  I performed there with both small and large bands and the room and stage worked very well for both.  The staff are very accommodating with a desire to create a great venue to hear quality live music.  The Marcus Mosely Chorale used the Sanctuary for a soloist workshop.  It proved to be a great space for instruction as there was a warm vibe in the atmosphere of the room and a lovely grand piano to work with. In addition, we were able to move the ‘comfy’ chairs around to create just the right ambiance for our purposes.”

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