Brentwood in Pictures

Brentwood hosted the inaugural colloquium of the Fallis Foundation on Nov 10, 2019.  Duff is the leading historian of the chaplains in the Canadian Armed Forces and was talking about their role in peace making.

Dan Reynolds, Conrad Good, and Adam Cormier have been playing jazz since they were in their teens.  They have come together again as the house trio for our Meditative Jazz services on the first Sunday of every month (except July and August) at 7pm.

Paul Myers is a Presbyterian minister who is doing permaculutre farming on BC’s Sunshine Coast.  Readings from the book and jazz from Rick and Dan Reynolds graced the event.


Mary Fontaine and the Hummingbirds Dancers dedicated our Piano on the Porch on Oct 21, 2018.  Funds raised at $20/key got to the drumming and dancing programs at Hummingbird.

Brentwood joins the nation in grieving the tragic loss of life in Humbolt, SK.

Brentwood in the Moon of Wintertime.

Robert Walsh, Ruth Adams, Mary Fontaine, Andrea Menard, and Dorothy Vissers at the 2015 Hummingbird Benefit Concert

5th Annual Dixon Transition Society Benefit Concert in 2016 featuring Glenda Rae, Miles Black and Brett Wade

Brentwood folks enjoying the 2017 Fall BBQ





Bill and Cory Weeds pack up after Jazz Evensong

Claire’s baby shower

Reynolds/Good/Millerd/Cormier prepare for the CD release concert of From Day to Day on Dec 11. 2015

Mary Fontaine with ‘ted talk’ participants Dec 12, 2015

Marcus, Bill & Darlene at Brentwood

Dan Reynolds, our director of music, plays with Paul Rushka (bass) and Joe Poole (drums) at the 2015 Vancouver International Jazz Festival

Brentwood welcomed 10 new members in October, 2014.  The joy all around is clear.


The last Sunday of every month we celebrate birthdays in the congregation with one of Terri Wells’ famous carrot cakes.


At our Jazz Evensong services on Wednesday nights at 8:00PM, we welcome some of Vancouver’s finest jazz musicians. Pictured above are Noah Franche-Nolan (piano), Russell Sholberg (bass), and Danny Neilsen (tap dance). Schedule.

Sharon Minemoto (keyboards), Bill Coon (guitar), James Danderfer (clarinet) with Brian after a Jazz Evensong.

Adam Thomas (with the bass) designed our sound system, while (piano) is our Director of Music.

Our minister, Brian Fraser, with three regulars at Jazz Evensong – Cory Weeds (sax), Bill Weeds (guitar), and Paul Rushka (bass).

The congregation enjoys a light lunch together every Sunday after worship.

Brentwood collects socks for the Footcare Program at First United Church in Vancouver’s downtown east side. Our student minister, Janik Livera, celebrates another bucket full of socks with the Rev Sally McShane, the Community Minister at First United.

Here’s a picture of the congregation after worship one Sunday in mid-2014. Most of us stay for a light lunch following the service, connecting with each other in supportive ways.

We give thanks to God for the rich diversity we enjoy as we nourish souls to flourish in the grace of Jesus Christ.

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