Special Events at Brentwood

As a small congregation, we don’t have a lot of ongoing programs other than worship and Bible Study.  But we do gather from time to time to focus on specific ways of nourishing souls to flourish in the grace of Jesus Christ.  Watch this page for those events.  Come and bring your friends to as many as stir your soul with fascination.

Vibes of  Grace & Generosity – The Benefit Concerts in 2017

In 2017, Brentwood Presbyterian Church is working with a number of community service organizations to mount benefit concerts for the work they are doing to spread flourishing in their circles of influence.  The musicians are contributing their talent and creativity.  We are deeply grateful.  The organizations are helping us invite people to contribute by their presence and support.  We encourage to come, support, and enjoy.

All these concerts are by donation.

Jan – TBA

Feb 19 – Brian’s & Jill’s Birthday Benefit (Socks for Souls @ First United Church)
with LJ Mounteney & John Roper

Mar – TBA

Apr 22 – The WaterSchool Benefit (WaterSchool.ca)
with the Cory Weeds Trio

Apr 30 – The World Food Potluck & Benefit (Socks for Souls @ First United Church)
with The Gospel Boys

May 12 – The Dixon Divas Benefit (Dixon Transition Society)
with Adele Wilding & Friends

JuneThe Christian Urban Camp Benefit (The Collaborating Churches’ CUC)
with Dan Reynolds & Friends

Sept Hummingbird Ministries Benefit (Hummingbird Ministries)
with Andrea Menard & Friends

Oct – TBA

Nov – TBA

Dec 3 The Dixon Christmas Jazz Benefit (Dixon Transition Society)
with Miles Black, Glenda Rae and Brett Wade

Men’s Lenten Retreat – Reconnecting with What Matters Most A Retreat Day for Men of Faith

Sat, Mar 18, 2017 – 9:30AM – 3:30PM

Retreat Facilitators – Scott Swanson & Brian Fraser

Your Registration Fee of $47 includes a Continental Breakfast & Lunch

This is a retreat for men who want to build their capacity to contribute to their communities from the integrity of their faith.

We live in the midst of a confusing mix of expectations of what it means to be a man – confident, stable, independent, handy, employable, strong, adventurous, etc.  We also live in the midst of negative impression on what it means to be a man of faith – prejudiced, intolerant, superstitious and irrational.  Most of us know both the pressures and the limitations of those expectations and impressions.  Living in with faith in our day and age can be painful.

How good it would be to live with integrity as the men of faith we truly are.

How good it would be to feel a bit freer from the assumptions and expectations of our secular society.

How good it would be to feel a bit more confidence in the ground of our life and contribution.

This retreat will offer you a safe space where you can:

  • experience ways of connecting with God, the Ground of your being;
  • explore the real you, which both includes and transcends your gender;
  • practice speaking with other men the language of the soul; and
  • consider how you might take this into your primary relationships.

The Rev Scott Swanson is an educator, facilitator, leader, writer, motivational speaker, coach, spiritual director, and leadership/organizational/personal growth consultant with Manifest (www.manifestonline.org).  He also serves as Interim Minister at Sunnyside United Church in Surrey, BC.

The Rev Dr Brian Fraser is an educator, facilitator and coach with Jazzthink (www.jazzthink.com), where he uses the wit, wisdom and workings of jazz to help people find their voices and use them for good, one conversation after another.  He also serves as minister with Brentwood Presbyterian Church in Burnaby, BC.