Reflection Notes from Jazz Evensong

These reflections are composed with three aspirations in mind.  First, they are efforts to witness to the core meanings of the Christian faith and what it means to follow Jesus as lord and friend in our context.  Second, they explore the wisdom of the Judeo-Christian traditions in conversation with the wit, wisdom, and workings of jazz.  Third, they are an invitation to join with participants in the Christian mission in doing justice, loving kindness, and walking humbly with our God.  They are offered in that humility for your consideration.

In the 50 weeks following Sept 6, 2017, the reflections at Jazz Evensong at Brentwood will focus each week on a key insight (the melody lines that jazz musicians call chord charts) drawn from the story of God’s mission with the world.  We’ve chosen passages from the beginning to the end of the Christian Scriptures – from Genesis to Revelation – to try and capture the essential attitudes and behaviours that form Christian discipleship.  Click on the dates to consider each reflection more deeply. 

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