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Brentwood Presbyterian offers a variety of opportunities to engage in dialogue with the Living Word of God in Jesus Christ, the Scriptural witness to that Word, and the views of others seeking to discover and express how their calls to be blessings can best be lived out with Christ in mission


Getting to Know Jesus, the Christ

(The Brentwood Sermon Series for 2014)

John_14Throughout 2014, the Christian community at Brentwood Presbyterian is getting to know Jesus, the Christ, in a refreshing and transformative way. The sermons are chosen to help us understand and practice more fully the love that God shares with us in Jesus Christ.

We trust in the Holy Spirit to use these words to form us as witnesses to the commonwealth of peace and justice that Jesus Christ initiated. We invite you to join us in this discipline of becoming more faithful followers of Jesus Christ.

Share your thoughts during the week on the meaning Spirit creates for you in this text by posting a comment.

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Bible Study

Throughout the year (with the exception of July and August), we meet every second Friday at the church for conversation and a light dinner from 5:30pm until about 7pm. The study is based on the “Memorize & Ponder” verse found each week on the Home page. We have an extended conversation about the way the passage touches us, the power of its message, and it’s applications to our lives.

Brentwood Presbyterian is a community that aspires to see the world through the mind of Christ. With the the Holy Spirit’s help and guidance, we stand within Scripture and see our lives through the perspective of the text. It is an enlightening and energizing exercise. Join us to be nourished in this way and to flourish in the grace of Jesus Christ. You don’t have to be a practicing Christian to join these explorations of the meaning of the Christian faith. It’s a great opportunity to find out more about the Christian approach.

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